The LORD is Good

“The LORD is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeks Him.”

Lamentations 3:25


Consider the lilies of the field whose bloom is brief: we are as they; like them we fade away, as doth a leaf.

Consider the sparrows of the air of small account: our God doth view whether they fall or mount-He guards us too.

Consider the lilies that do neither spin nor toil, yet are most fair: What profits all this care and all this toil?

Consider the birds that have no barn nor harvest-weeks: God gives them food: much more our Father seeks to do us good.

               By Christina Rossetti

The LORD is good. Don’t forget, no matter what you may be going through. He is good and He knows our anxieties and needs before we even ask of Him! He tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 to examine the birds and see how they’re cared for. Our heavenly Father feeds them. He asks us, “Are you not much better than they?” Well are you? Of course you are! 🙂

He also tells us to consider or study, think about the flowers, how they grow. They don’t work hard to become what they are. They just naturally have the beauty God created them to have. Just as God “clothes” them with beauty, He will provide for us the necessities of life that we need for our families. He will clothe us spiritually and physically.

He says, “Just keep your eyes on ME.” (paraphrased) “Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness (goodness); and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Give God a chance to show you His goodness. Maybe that means waiting for Him, seeking Him. You can never go wrong by doing what He says.

I also found this link (below) to a bird feeder craft you might have fun making yourself, with your kids, or grand-kids. Blessings!

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With God’s Help: Part 1

*(The original published post of this article was published in the summer of 2016, but was somehow  erased. Forgive me for posting it again, but I wanted to make sure I had “Part 1” archived)*

I’m so glad that Jesus doesn’t expect me to be perfect! Lord knows I’m not! My comfort is this; He is perfect. He is my Savior. He is full of grace. He is ready to help. What love the Father has lavished upon us through the Son! (1 John 3:1)

When I read stuff in the Bible like Titus 2:4-5, I’m glad that he is the One who enables. It states: “That they (older women) may teach the younger women to be sober (aware), to love their husbands (affectionately), to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

This is not something anyone can do perfectly. In fact, we learn through our failures most of the time. There is so much meaning beyond these words. Because the New Testament was written in Greek, there is more richness in the definitions that we sometimes have to dig for. Just by using a concordance to the Bible, you can find these gems. I use Blue Letter Bible, a free app on my phone.  After looking up these nouns and adjectives, here’s what I discovered:

Discreet: of a sound mind, sane in one’s senses. Do you ever feel like going insane? Haha! See, God knows us so well.

Chaste: exciting reverence (excited to respect God), pure from carnality,modest, pure from every fault, clean. Wow! Only through the blood of Jesus. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but by His mercy He saved us. (Titus 3:5)

Keepers at home: caring for the house, taking care of household affairs, the watch or keeper of the house. Watch means guard. It’s a military term: to be aware. Knowing what’s going on inside and outside of our homes. Not just with the house /building, but our family.

There is more, but that in itself is a lot to take in! You might feel overwhelmed when you look at that, but God didn’t write it to make us feel overwhelmed and burdened. Remember He is perfect and when we become His children, He makes us more like Him. We bear fruit in our lives just by abiding in Him. A tree branch doesn’t have to  struggle to push the fruit out. It just happens. With God’s help, He can do this in us! He loves it when we ask for His help.

Except the Lord builds…

“Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it…”

Psalm 127:1

By God’s grace, my husband and I are celebrating our eighteenth anniversary soon. The Lord has done ALL of it and praise belongs to Him! I wanted to share how God began the building process in me. After I gave my heart to Jesus, He began to stir new desires within my life. What sin had tried to destroy, Jesus would now be the cornerstone in Him building a new life for me. My life honestly before then was really all about me, what would benefit me, what would satisfy me. Me, me, meyuck!! Thankfully, He opened my heart to His sacrificial love, causing me to realize how much I needed Him and began to teach me His ways. “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me…” Jesus says, in Matt. 11:28-30.

When I look back I realize that he put some of these desires in my heart even as a young girl; like loving to play with doll houses and rearranging them, even drawing houses with each room decorated. Making a home. Later, as He changed my heart, I began to want to take care of the home that I shared with my mother. My mom worked long hours traveling to the city day after day and didn’t always feel like doing chores when she had free time. Having spare time, God taught me that I could show my mother love by just doing the simple things around the house: washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and once in a while, baking. I really didn’t know how to cook anything back then. 😉 I had read in the Bible that this was part of God’s plan for women to serve Him and our families. God says we can love and help our husbands, children, and others by taking care of, or being a keeper at home. (Titus 2:3-5) By no means is God saying that it’s wrong to go to work or that the husband and children shouldn’t help. As women, God has put these nourishing instincts in our hearts to develop and blossom for the benefit and blessing of our families.

So, this is where it all started for me. God gave me the desire to want to be home, to want to be married, and to have children. (Lord willing!) And He did all of it in His time. Seasons have changed through the years, but the goal remains the same. If any of you are feeling weary or wondering what effect you have in your homes, know that God wants to help you! No one does it all perfectly. If we did, we wouldn’t need our Father’s help! I like to ask myself…What legacy am I leaving? Is it about all the stuff or is it about the people in my home? Is it for my Lord?

Out of Darkness

“Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son: in whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.”

Colossians 1:13-14

Twenty-two years ago, right around Christmas time, I was living in darkness. I was lonely, ready to escape this earth not knowing what would happen to my soul if I chose to take it into my own hands. Yet, I was curious about death. But thank God! He kept me from taking my own life when He stepped into my life just at the right time and brought me out of that darkness. This complete emptiness and loneliness and the realization of it didn’t just happen overnight. It took years of my life, but thankfully the Lord was able to restore, forgive, and heal. I was broken, beaten down, used, and dying physically and spiritually from the sin I was living in. I felt like there was nowhere to turn. Who could help? Who could love me the way I needed to be loved? Who could set me free? Why am I even here? What is the purpose? I didn’t have any answers, but someone did. By God’s grace, my brother had the one answer that I needed to hear that would change the course of my very life here and for all eternity.


When you see signs that say, “Jesus is the reason for the season!” Well, there’s a reason that’s being said. The name of Christ is within Christmas, which so many want to leave out purposefully, ignoring  this wonderful gift who was given to all. When I heard the simple words that Jesus loved me, cared for me, and wanted to forgive me of all that I’ve ever done, the light literally turned on in my dark heart. “For God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” 1 Cor. 4:6

I simply believed (and still do) that God could save me through Jesus dying to take my punishment. I didn’t have to be punished for all that I ever did. Sure, their are often consequences, but God removes that sin as far as the east is from the west. (Psalm 103:12) I believed that Jesus was then raised and is alive and able to help me everyday since. I am a new person or a “new creation” as God calls His children. Old things are passed away, all things are new! 🙂 Born Again, as Jesus calls this new birth in John, chapter 3.

Jesus is not just for Christmas. This famous verse is often quoted, but this is the verse that I took literally that changed my life forever:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

Now I know where I’m going when I die. Now I know who loves me, and His love is greater than anyone’s love. Now I know who can help me and set me free from sin that comes up in my life. Now I know I have purpose.

Maybe you are in darkness. God has shown us the way through His Son, Jesus. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not ready!” When will you be ready? Will it be too late? All it takes is a “yes, Lord” in your heart, not your head. The Bible says this, “If you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” Romans 10:9

You can experience the most wonderful Gift this Christmas and truly have a Merry Christmas! My prayer is that you will because He loves you! 🙂

Joyful Thanksgiving

Hope you have a joyful Thanksgiving! I found this sweet poem and wanted to share it with you.

Thanksgiving Tradition and Family

At the dinner table, all circled round;

Our Grandma and Grandpa, Momma and Dad.

All of us children so ready to eat;

A Thanksgiving feast, like we’ve never had.

Grandpa gives thanks for all the years gone by;

For all his children and the pumpkin pie.

For Grandma’s love and all her faithful care;

Then tears fall from my grandma’s eyes.

Grandma chimes in with her words very wise;

With thanks to the Lord with all He provides.

Mamma leans over to give her a hug;

And the love echoes-from every side.

Then daddy prays a Thanksgiving prayer;

With warmth and love from the depths of his soul.

For the food, and all of God’s many blessings;

Then the food comes around, “please pass the rolls.”

Green beans, potatoes and corn on the cob;

Turkey with stuffing and giblet gravy.

Washing the dishes and watching football;

Thanksgiving tradition and family.

Thanksgiving day is a very good day;

A day of praise, a day of memories.

A day to cherish most faithfully;

Because we are blessed, because we are free.

The main reason is because God is good;

And that He watches over us with heed.

Just as He watches over each sparrow;

And gives life to a newly planted seed.

By Susan Y. Nikitenko

If I Should Count Them…

I know, I know…there’s no fall theme here, but sand and shells?  Don’t be mistaken; I’m not wishing for summer again. Haha! 🙂 I’ve been thinking about sand only because God mentions it in scripture. Check this out:

How precious also are your thoughts to me, Oh God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee. ” Psalm 139: 17-18

If you’ve picked up a handful of sand, you know that there are too many grains to even try to count. It’s quite amazing to think that God has SOOO many precious thoughts toward us that there are too many to count. He is so unlike us. We can’t even begin to fathom the immeasurable amount of sand on the earth, let alone in a handful. Just think, He has so many of these precious thoughts that he thinks about  John, or Tracy, or Sarah, or (put  your name here).

If you’re feeling downcast, as David the Psalmist often felt, know that the God of the universe is thinking about you and His love is like no other. Psalm 103 tells us that He has power to bless, forgive sin, heal, redeem our lives from the destruction of sin, and to satisfy us. No other person can completely do these things for us.

img_13401 So instead of thinking about the thoughts that come into our minds that are not His truth, let Him fill you with His own precious thoughts that He thinks towards you. His word helps to show us what those beautiful thoughts are…”If I should count them”.

Made Near

But NOW in Christ Jesus you who sometimes were far off are made near by the blood of Christ. Ephesians 2:13

God’s grace, His favor that we cannot earn, is immeasurable! No matter where we are, what we have done, how far we have gone from Him. I’ve been thinking about this verse all week, and I love the fact that God says “NOW”. Present tense. Anytime. His blood is enough to forgive and give us a new start with Him.  He takes joy in bringing us close to him and longs for relationship with us. We are made near by His sacrificed life.

Within the Psalms, King David wrote about the fact that he couldn’t get away from God. When he took the time to think about this, he was in awe. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me: it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” In other words, “…it’s too great for me to understand! Where shall I go from your spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:6-7)

Even when we wander from God as His precious children, He is still with us. His love is unrelenting! If we, as His children, “feel” far off, He has already made us near to Him by His blood. Come back.

The Lord also had me hear this song on the radio this week, and it so simply goes along with this verse. Enjoy it and Him!  Here is the link