Invitation or Card Ideas

Do you have a small gathering or party coming up? When in a pinch or just for fun, these simple ideas for creating your own “homemade” invitations can help you get your guests ready. I recently had a brunch with a couple of friends and had the idea to create a few invitations with some items that I already had on hand. Maybe a loved one’s birthday is coming up or you want to write a “Thinking of you” card. Whatever the occasion, you definitely need to be in a crafty mood, and remember to have fun! When I start to feel overwhelmed by a project, I just set it aside for a while until I feel like picking it up again. 🙂

This particular brunch was for a church-related event so I wanted to put a Bible verse on the invitation that would be encouraging. If you like this particular idea ( pictured above),  I have listed a few items you’ll need and a step-by-step drawing (slideshow) of the lantern jar below.


  • scrapbook paper
  • card stock
  • thin Sharpie or other choice of pen
  • fancy scissors (I used children’s scalloped scissors)
  • watercolor paints, brush, water
  • raffia (to tie and display a bow)

Almost all of these items can be found at a dollar store, as well. I am not a scrap booking, card making person, but this was a fun little craft for me to work on. When you use the watercolors, be careful to not use too much water on your brush. I usually dip my brush in the water and/or paint and blot it on a paper towel before applying it to the paper.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My drawing and painting were done very loosely which made this project even more fun because it’s meant to be a “relaxed” style. I hope you can use some ideas from this and create your own beautiful creations for your friends or family. Blessings!


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