Easy Garland

I found these little fur babies at an after-Christmas sale at Michael’s for about $2 a pack. I’ve seen fur pom poms attached to blankets, pillows, and made into garlands. My kids thought they looked like little fur-ball creatures once shown on Star Trek. How funny! 😉


I thought I would show you how I made an easy garland to hang or drape that will work not only for this season, but others as well. With Valentine’s Day coming closer, I like to spread some love around without it, the decor, taking over my home. I didn’t do a tutorial on this because it really is as simple as getting some yarn, pom poms, scissors, and hot glue. There you have it! Just glue the pom poms onto a string of yarn as long as you want it.


My older daughter was kind enough to knit me this little, pink heart. I tried to knit one, but failed. Haha! If you are unskilled in this area, maybe you know how to crochet. Maybe you would just enjoy cutting out a heart-shaped piece of scrapbook paper or felt. 🙂  Either of these combinations would work just as great. I think the little heart is sort of sweet hung with these baby clothespins, don’t you? I found the clothespins in the craft section at Walmart.


I hope this might inspire you to show some love to the people in your homes. In our family, it’s the little things that mean more sometimes. Of course I like to display something more meaningful, such as the “Abide in Him” sign, just to focus all of us on the real reason we are able to love one another.

Because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)


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