Wintry Joys

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved winter. Growing up in upstate NY, we sure had some long winters, but many of those days were spent outside sledding and making snow-angels in the snow. In my childhood imagination, I thought I was sledding down the biggest hill around. Years later I realized it was just a small hill!

Another memory I have is coming inside to warm up my frozen little fingers as I grasped a mug of hot chocolate. A warm home is such blessing to come home to, isn’t it? If you want to carry over somewhat of a winter theme into your home after Christmas, here are a couple of ideas that may help you create a cozy atmosphere. I didn’t do a lot of decorating when my kids were small because I was too busy. But now that they’re older, we can all appreciate some of these wintry joys within our home during this time of year. After all, we tend to stay inside more often, right?


Including some white, silver, or blue colors to your living areas helps bring in that snowy, wintry, feeling. Cutting juniper, pine, or even boxwood brings in some natural elements.Β I added a couple of candle holders that I already had to our little mantel shelf and snipped a couple of branches of juniper from the garden. The juniper sits in a little, white sugar bowl. A white scarf is hiding cords that sit atop the mantel. I made this little pom pom garland last year and decided to drape it across the shelf. Another idea that you or someone else could do is to draw some evergreen trees (as seen in above photo) on a chalkboard or use some kind of snowy picture you may already have to display in the background. The link is below if you would like to know how to make pom poms. I just used hot glue to glue the pom poms on a long piece of yarn afterward to create the garland.


To me, winter is a time to also slow down. That’s why I love this little sign (above) to remind me, especially after we get a good snow! πŸ˜‰



This is the first year I actually left up our tree as a snowy, winter tree in the corner of the dining room. It’s kind of cozy! πŸ™‚ It doesn’t feel like a “Christmas tree” because it’s not the main center of attention. Playing around with some different blankets, pillows, different end table decor is also fun. I like to use trays, books, candles, pine cones, and some greenery. On those slower days or evenings, it’s nice to have a few good books lying around to choose from or even board games for a change. Spend some time enjoying each other.



The smell of baking helps encourage those wintry joys, too. πŸ˜‰



6 thoughts on “Wintry Joys

  1. P McLane says:

    I love that you keep the snowy decorations after the holidays! I don’t like putting everything away after Christmas either, especially since I love snow/snowmen decorations. This looks very pretty!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Martha Knake says:

    I love the new look to your site! Cheers to you for keeping the wintery look, I struggle with a long winter, so I trudge toward the spring look a little harder, but it looks so cozy ❀


    • keepinghomeinmyheart says:

      Thanks, Martha! I appreciate your comment. It was cold here, but has not been lately, so I’m reluctantly transitioning. Haha! It’s fun to change things up, though and makes it feel fresh and new, which I’m thankful for!


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