Glazed Pumpkin Pecan Coffee Cake

When you’re waiting to get your hair cut, do you ever look through a magazine and find a yummy recipe, but you can’t rip out the page? That happened to my younger daughter the last time we went. I was talking to the stylist, and my daughter was seated behind me taking a picture of the recipe in the magazine. Good thinking!  Although I can’t take credit for this one, it sure tastes good! And sad to say, I’m not sure what magazine it came from anyway. Also, who says you can’t have pumpkin stuff when it’s not really fall anymore? 😉 This recipe is a nice blend of a warm, spiced pumpkin flavor with just enough orange drizzle to make it more of a surprise in your mouth when you take a bite.


*I have to say that when it came time to make the glaze at the end of the recipe, I added about 6 tsp. of the orange juice to the powdered sugar for the glaze to become a drizzling consistency. *



I hope you enjoy it! We did! 🙂


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