2016 Christmas Tour & Tips

With Christmas right around the corner, a little tour with some budget-friendly tips has been on my mind to share with you. I was determined not to buy more stuff, especially more Christmas decorations! After all, they add up over the years, don’t they? I found myself wanting to get rid of some things that I haven’t used in a while as I was looking through our stash. It’s amazing what we think we “need” or want as this time arrives. All the more reason to keep it simple and focus on blessing others! 🙂  I hope you have fun and maybe get some ideas with your own household items to incorporate into your decorating.


Come on in! 🙂





The lighting is a little tricky in our house, but, Oh well!


I love how the light was shining in on this little manger scene the other day. It’s one of my favorite things to get out for Christmas.






Adding a basket on top of the hutch with a little greenery and faux poinsettias brightens this area up.







img_16191The one thing I did purchase this year was a “flocked” tree from Wal-Mart. I like real trees, but don’t want to spend money on one every year only to throw it out later. The “tree skirt” is actually a tablecloth  that I had. (Which our dog tries to lie on, almost knocking the tree over! Lol!)

img_16361Old deer antlers that my husband uses for luring in deer when he hunts helps bring in a rustic feel, which I love! He made me a cute “blanket ladder” to store some cozy blankets on. It’s useful and is a decoration of sorts.



This chalk drawing is one of my favorite things above our mantel. I usually use this for a school chalkboard or a wall decoration, but thought I would do something fun with it this year. I also made the wreath last year by wrapping a cozy scarf around a straw wreath and attaching some ribbon. It’s all held together with sewing pins. If you’re wondering what holds the wreath up, I used fishing line so I could write these very important words. 🙂

Here are some other mantel shots above. Using a cozy plaid scarf, or any scarf can work great on a mantel or even on a table. Pine cones are a very simple way to add some natural, rustic looking decorations to your home. I also cut out a music note picture from an old gift bag and plopped it in this wooden frame. Below, adding some cozy pillows invites us to come and rest.


Now into the dining room and kitchen…

Placing a wreath into a tray or in the center of your table with a candle or something else in the middle makes a great centerpiece. I stuck with the pine cone theme and dropped some of those in the bottom of the lantern with a few strips of the music note paper from the gift bag.

My homemade advent calendar was made from cheap supplies lying around the house, but you could improvise by using a fridge or poster board for your background. Here is a link to that if your interested:


I really had fun creating this little area for our kitchen to make some warm drinks/ supplies easily accessible for family and guests. I love that little tin can! I remembered I had it tucked away in the cupboard since last year. I like to store popcorn kernels in there for something to snack on during those cold nights that we know are here already. 🙂




A few things around the kitchen sink complete the dining/kitchen areas. A shiny dollar store plate gives off a little “bling” along with the glow of a candle wrapped in a sweater mug thingy. 😉 Of course, a pine cone needs to be here and some awesome smelling Winter Candy Apple hand soap from a dear friend of mine.




Lastly, a couple of nighttime pictures below of glowing lights when the decorating has all been said and done. Even Gus, the dog, seems to enjoy it. I hope you all enjoyed this little tour and came away with some new ideas. Happy decorating! ~Laura


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