Spray Paint Fun

img_11981 If you’re looking to change the look of something old or new, choosing a spray paint for your project might be all you need to get the look you want. I was recently updating some family pictures and creating a “gallery wall”, but I didn’t want my frames to be black. As we all know, frames can be expensive! I found a buy one, get one free deal and decided I would paint them. I like things to have some texture, so I chose this Stone Textured Finish Spray Paint by Rust-oleum. The actual color is Stone Sienna. It definitely has that clay pot sort of look to it.  Above you can see how the frames turned out. I didn’t take a “before” picture, but I’m sure you can imagine a black frame. 😉 Here is a shot of the little gallery wall when all said and done.



The two frames that were spray painted are on the upper right. I left one with a black mat and one with white by turning over the given mat that came with the frame, just to break up the colors. It was due time to change out these pictures! (Years had gone by) Can anyone else raise their hand if they’ve left pictures in a frame for 10 years or more? Lol.

Anyway, using this spray paint was so fun, I began looking around the house for more things to paint. Watch out! I didn’t go too crazy, but found this vase that desperately needed some love again. Here’s a before and after for you:

I hope you can reuse some of your old things or new to enjoy again! Blessings! 🙂


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