Easy Way to Display Free Printables and Kid’s Art

If you’re looking to add a little charm or hospitality to your home as we come closer to the holidays, using framed free printables or your own kids artwork is a convenient and cheap place to start. If you simply search for a particular phrase or Bible verse that you enjoy, you can find several free images that may allow you to print the message that you would like to depict for the season or holiday.

I found a little picture with a wooden frame from Dollar General that was the perfect size for my mantel, but the saying on it was not something I really liked. By finding a free printable and cutting it out to size, now it can be used to share, “Gather here with grateful hearts”.

Our printer is running out of ink, so I used a good black pen or fine sharpie to make it darker. One problem I did run into was that the image appeared smaller than it actually was when I printed it out. As a result, you can see in the framed picture that the leaves near the top are slightly cut off. Oh well! 😉

Another convenient way to add some prettiness and gladness to your home is to use an old frame you might have lying around the house to display your lovely, one-of-a-kind kid’s (or grandkid’s) artwork. The frame I used below does not have a glass pane. Oh well! It works anyways by folding the metal pieces to hold the artwork in. It’s still beautiful to me, and really can make your child feel special by framing their work!

img_12171 Maybe you’re looking for some inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas.  You can do this anytime throughout the year. That’s the fun of it! 🙂


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