Lamb’s Ear Wreath Centerpiece

My lamb’s ear wreath idea turned into a wreath centerpiece! 🙂 Flattening the leaves ended up making my wreath too flimsy. If any of you happened to try this out, here’s another way you can use it, as a centerpiece. I have not tried making one of these wreaths without flattening the leaves, but maybe you would have better success doing it that way and letting the leaves curl up a bit and dry naturally. That will be another experiment for me one day! I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes, but glad that it can be used for something else. If you still would like to know how I ended up creating this idea (by accident), here’s a slideshow of the steps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you start your wreath, layer the second leaf over the first at an angle. Keep layering. When you get to your last leaf just pick up the leaf you first glued and lay it over the last one. Then all of your leaves will have that layered look. I actually like how it turned out, but not as a wreath to hang. This centerpiece could be made with some flattened and dried autumn leaves as well. Have fun!


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