Lamb’s Ear Wreath Prep.

If you or someone you know has lamb’s ear plants, they can be used to make a wreath for the holidays, Thanksgiving or Christmas. With frost gradually settling in here in the South, this is something you’ll want to take advantage of now before the leaves are completely destroyed. (If you like the idea!) It may be a bit late for my northern friends, though. With only one or two lamb’s ear plants, one can cut more than enough leaves for this project. Of course, you’ll want to snip the leaves that don’t have holes in them. Pruning the plant a little now will not affect its growth later, as pruning will still need to occur in the early spring after the last predicted frost.

Preparing the wreath can be done by drying and flattening the leaves or you can make the wreath immediately. If you make the wreath right away, the leaves will dry out and curl up a bit. I decided to try flattening and drying mine in a big ol’ book.

Any heavy books will do. I unfolded a napkin and laid the lamb’s ear on one side. I then folded over the top half of the napkin over the leaves. As you can see, there are many napkins hanging out of the book. Place some more weight on top and check your leaves every couple of days until you think they’re ready for your wreath. When the leaves are ready, I’m planning on using a free piece of cardboard, shaped like a doughnut, from my recycling bin. I’ll just glue the leaves onto that. A free and cheap craft idea is always nice!


I’m hoping it may look something like this when all said and done. (Photo of wreath via Pinterest)  Mine is not completed yet because I wanted to give you, my friends, time to gather your leaves before they’re all dead! I’ll show you how my wreath turns out soon. Praise God for giving us beautiful things in nature to inspire us! With the possibilities being pretty much endless, He allows us to create beautiful things for our homes to enjoy.


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