“Our Nest”pallet sign

When I think of home, I think of a comfortable place with the people I love. Of course I think of my heavenly home that’s being prepared for me. That thought alone is amazing…that God wants to spend eternity with me (us)! What a joy it will be! For now, we each have “our nests”, where we ourselves and our children are growing and maturing. That’s why I love this phrase. I wanted to put it into my home somewhere. If you’re looking for a pallet craft project that has some meaning behind it, maybe this one will inspire you.

We had some pallets that had been leaning against our house for a while. Being out in the elements the last year or so gave this pallet wood a gray, weathered effect. My mind was thinking “craft project”! 🙂 I wanted to keep the natural gray color, so I opted not to paint over the wood. All you need for this project is:

  • pallet wood
  • paint, paint brush
  • level
  • pencil
  • stencils (optional)

I used left over white semi-gloss paint that I had for painting trim, but you can use whatever paint you like. I made a straight line on the wood by holding the pallet piece on the wall and first leveling the wood. Have someone else hold the piece of wood in place at that point against the wall. While holding the wood against the wall, place your level over the wood and draw your straight line all the way across in pencil. You can then remove the wood from the wall and free-hand or use stencils to write out the phrase. You can faintly see my straight line toward the bottom and my cursive O. (Below)


Lastly, paint. I admit, my hand was shaking and it was a little scary using white paint. Just work slow until you feel like you can’t do it anymore. Then do a little more the next time you feel inspired. 🙂

img_10231It’s perfectly imperfect and that’s why I like it!

If you’re looking for a cheap craft and you like this sort of style or phrase, give it a try. You can always use stencils, too.


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