Kitchen Declutter

We all have it. Kitchen clutter. The encroachment of kitchen clutter that threatens to take over our counters, cupboards, shelves, and lives. Before we know it, we feel overwhelmed with piles of mail, cookbooks, school paraphernalia, supplies, gadgets…and the list goes on. And it usually ends up all over the counter. It makes it hard to do the dishes, prepare meals, and let alone think, sometimes. Baskets and wire or wood crates are not only functional to help organize and declutter within the kitchen, but can also add  “flavor” of your own personal style into your home. As much as we may not like sifting through stuff, it feels so good to get rid of it! Doesn’t it?

I tackled a little area in our kitchen the other day that still had phone books on the shelves! When is the last time I’ve used a phone book to look up anything? Haha! It’s been a while. Yet, in the back of my mind, I’m still thinking, “You might need those one day.” Alas! Decluttering has prevailed…at least on this little niche in the kitchen.

I love these wooden crates from Michael’s. They have these word written on them.


Here are another couple of areas I’ve decluttered in the past with simple woven bins. They hold things like traveling mugs, water bottles, potatoes, onions, and snack items.

Maybe you’re looking for some ways to organize your kitchen clutter to make it a little easier for everyone to find what they need and to keep your own sanity. Just think of how you and your family will enjoy the end result!

*Michael’s has in no way sponsored this post.


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