Wait for Fall Part 2

It worked! The mums have returned! After “pinching” or cutting my chrysanthemums back at the end of July, I wasn’t sure they would be back for fall or not. If you haven’t read Part 1 and would like to catch up, the post is entitled “Wait for Fall”. The best time to start this pinching back process is in the spring, which can result in a nicely rounded, heavily bloomed mum plant. Trimming every couple of months, but not too far past July 4th, will give you many more blooms on your plant.

IMG_0791[1] The only thing I wish I had thought of when cutting back was the actual shaping of the plant. Well, now I can experiment with that next spring. It is possible to get the mum plants looking like those beautifully shaped one’s that are sold in the stores.  Right? We shall see! Below, you can see where I had made a cutting toward the end of July and how many stems and blooms are now surrounding the cutting.




Here is a picture of what the mum plants look like now.


There are definitely more blossoms this year as a result. I hope this helps give some helpful hints on making your plants look fuller and more beautiful. I think it’s awesome that God gives us ways to make things even more beautiful. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights…” 🙂


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