Autumn is Near

A little more decorating has been going on around here.  However, with school in full swing, I’ve slowed down on blog posts over the last few weeks. Prioritizing is a good thing! I find that by the end of each week, a new post is waiting to be written along with some new ideas and pictures that have been swirling around in my head, heart, and home. This week those ideas have been drawn out by using some natural and used odds and ends compiled together to create some fall displays. Adding some affordable coziness is never a bad idea for our homes! “…the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.” Psalm 33:5 (And from it can come inspiration.)

A variety of items that may give you some fall inspiration for decorating your homes are as listed: sticks in a basket, dried flowers or stems (I used my dried-up day lily stems and lamb’s ears), TP pumpkins dressed in fabric (yes, homemade toilet paper pumpkins), old paint-by-number painting, chalkboard, candle in an over sized mug or soup bowl, and a sweater wrapped candle holder.


I had such fun hunting for treasures around the house and yard. One of my favorite things to display is this old paint-by-number painting I painted for my dad when I was about 11 or 12. I was privileged to get this back after he had died in 2012. He had it proudly displayed even until then. 🙂

I also love to use plain old sticks in a basket. The dried up day lily’s have a simple beauty to me because some of the flower buds were still attached. I also added some clippings of lamb’s ear behind one of my TP pumpkins. The lamb’s ear will die, but eventually I plan to get a fake sprig or two from the craft store. The one’s in the store are more of a pale green.

img_09911 Here is another example of the fabric-wrapped toilet paper pumpkins. The fun things about making these is that you can pick whatever fabric you want. I really wanted to make a plaid pumpkin, but don’t have extra plaid material lying around at the minute. You can use the fabric squares (18×21 in.) that are sold in most art/craft stores for these, or go to a thrift store and pick out an old shirt. (Maybe you have some in your closet) The only other supplies needed are: a stick, plastic grocery bags, and a roll of TP! Here is a link on how to make them:


A friend of mine gave me this beautiful over-sized mug, which I thought could also be used to hold a “mulled cider” smelling candle. Mmm! Love those fall scents.




Another cozy idea is to wrap a vase or candle holder in a sweater. I went to the thrift store last year and found an old white sweater and cut a chunk out of it, and, of course, broke out my handy dandy glue gun. 😉


The back is sloppy, but it was a bit challenging wrapping the knit material to fit snugly around the jar. Just turn it around and no one will notice. I love the warmth that it adds to a fall display, though. My daughter also helped by writing, “Autumn is Near”. Chalkboard sayings or drawing always add some fun, as well. I hope you enjoyed all of these little treasures and that it may give you some simple and affordable ideas to adorn your home for fall because…fall is near!  Thanks for stopping by.




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