Homeschool Storage

A couple of people have asked for ideas for storing their books for homeschooling. Five days a week, my kitchen/dining room table has books scattered all over it, as pictured above. Our kitchen table is the easiest place for me to teach school because I can easily work on other household chores in between teaching. It’s just plain convenient! But if those books are still there when dinnertime comes around, it makes me a little grumpy. It just feels chaotic with extra stuff, besides dinner, on the table. The goal is to actually put those books away when you’re done, right? 😉

When I had two kids at home during the day, plus my own stuff, the books seemed endless. I feel for the mama of many children! 🙂 Now that my older daughter is in her last year of public school, I have fewer books to contend with. Nevertheless, we still need a place to store them. What you see in the above picture is only about a fifth of our school curriculum. A shelf that is nearby or some kind of storage cupboard is definitely a necessity. But,  you may want it to blend in so it doesn’t look like a big nerdy shelf of books in the middle of your kitchen or dining area. Sorry, I couldn’t resist ! 🙂 (I’m not making fun of anyone!)

For years, I stored all of our school books in this hutch.


We used the top, hence the sheer fabric, blocking out eyes from really seeing what’s behind those cupboard doors. Then we used the bottom. This worked out great, but eventually I wanted to store things that I actually used within our dining area: table clothes, china dishes, etc. If you have a piece of furniture and you need to conceal your stuff, fabric is an ideal way to beautify an eyesore. I cut two rectangular pieces of sheer fabric and hot glued the fabric to the inside of the cupboard doors. It’s held up for years and brightened up this piece of furniture.

When my oldest went to public school, I decided that I wanted to get a small, sturdy shelf to hold our books. My younger daughter and I now share this shelf.

I eventually added a sheer piece of fabric from an unused curtain that I had had. You can still see the books, but it’s not as messy looking as it could be if they were in plain view. Placing a basket in the top shelf creates a drawer of sorts, which is actually useful for paper, rulers, and other random school supplies. If you have a taller shelf, which means MORE kids and MORE books, you could always add some baskets or plants on top to spruce it up! I actually used hot glue to attach this curtain on our shelf, too. (I think I might be addicted to hot glue!) LOL. Oh well, it’s cheap and I have it, so there! 🙂 You could also splurge a little and buy a cafe/curtain rod in place of my method, which would allow you to pull back the fabric instead of lifting it up to get to your books.

These little adjustments can help your living area feel more like an actual dining space than a full-time school. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new!


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