Coffee Filter Wreath

Anyone feeling crafty? The coffee filter wreath is an affordable, fun, and usable craft. I know it’s made of coffee filters, but there is something I love about the way the wreath turns out. These wreaths are pretty hard to mess up, as the paper filters are forgiving to work with. Sometimes we, (as ladies), just need a project to work on to keep our hands and minds busy. My ten year old daughter also made one for her own room. If you enjoy crafts and home decor, add one of these babies to your list. They are also a great gift-giving idea. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Supplies include coffee filters  (white or tan), wreath form of your desired size, glue gun, glue sticks, and a nail polish bottle. For my “grown up” wreath, I used a 14″ wreath form that ended up measuring about 21″ by the time I added the coffee filters to its diameter. I used around 160 coffee filters to make this one.  If you don’t want it as big and poofy, opt for a smaller size foam ring. Another cheap option that we used for our “kid” wreath is a cardboard circle cut out of a cereal box. Just cut another smaller circle inside of it. You may be wondering what the nail polish bottle is used for? It helps form the coffee filter to a flat surface, as shown above. You are then easily able to spread a dot of hot glue onto the end without getting burned or getting your fingers stuck to the glue, and everything else. 😉    Here we go:

IMG_0832[1] 1.     With the foam ring lying flat on a table, begin gluing the coffee filters to the edges of ring using the nail polish bottle each time. The bottle comes out easily, and it really helps make the process go a lot quicker. (You want the wreath to lie flat to easily hang it later.) If you try the cardboard version, form the filter around nail bottle, but then take out and pinch the end of filter around the edge of the front and back of the cardboard. (for the first layer around the circle) I did this for my daughter so she wouldn’t get burned herself. Here is a peek of the wreath “growing”. 🙂


2. Working your way towards the center, start another row of coffee filters right next to the ones you previously attached. You will see immediately how the wreath begins to fill in. (shown below) When you get towards the middle, you have to almost stick the coffee filters on sideways to keep the foam ring from being seen.


3.    Keep gluing and before you know it, it will be a full, beautiful adornment for your home (that you made!) One more thing. Attach a piece of ribbon, string, or whatever you have to the back to hang it. I used hot glue for that, too.



Here is a couple pictures of our creations. I love the tan color as fall is not too far away. I hope you might give these a try and have some fun doing it, too! Blessings. 🙂




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