Jesus #onetofollow

Through the many “voices” calling out to us through Instagram and other social media, Jesus is STILL crying out to us, “Follow me.” Noticing this phrase on Instagram, ‘one to follow,’ I thought of how Jesus is definitely #onetofollow. Why? You may ask. The Bible gives us some remarkable insights to help us answer this question that will cause us to wonder at the depth of His love. Take a minute to soak it in.

  1. He was despised and rejected (Isaiah 53:3)
  2. He has borne our griefs, carried our sorrows (Isaiah 53:4)
  3. He was wounded for our transgressions/our rebellion, willful sin (Isaiah 53:5)
  4. By His stripes/wounds,blows, on the cross, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5)
  5. The Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us ALL (Isaiah 53:6)
  6. He keeps NO record of our sin or we wouldn’t stand. There IS forgiveness with Him. (Psalm 130:3-4)
  7. The LORD is gracious, righteous, and merciful (Psalm 116:5)
  8. He preserves/keeps the simple. When we are low, He Helps! (Psalm 116:6)
  9. He delivers our souls from death, our eyes from tears, our feet from falling (Psalm 116:8)
  10. He turns our mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11)
  11. He brings us out of a horrible pit, sets our feet upon THE rock. (Psalm 40:2)
  12. He puts a new song in our mouths to praise Him, and others will see it. (Psalm 40:3)
  13. He thinks about us even though we’re poor and needy (Psalm 40:17)
  14. He satisfies our longing souls (Psalm 107:9)
  15. He is the strength of our lives (Psalm 27:1)
  16. He gives us rest (Matthew 11:28)
  17. He gives us the Comforter/Holy Spirit/himself that He may be with us forever (John 14:16)
  18. Holy Spirit will teach us through this life (John 14:26)
  19. He is preparing a place for us so when He comes back, He’ll take us with Him (John 14:3)
  20. He will wipe all tears from our eyes, no more death, sorrow, crying, or pain. The former things will be passed away. He WILL make all things new! (Revelation 21:4-5)

These aren’t even all the reasons to follow Jesus, but, WOW! This is what he has done in my life since I started to follow him, and what he will continue to do for each of us that make that choice.


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