Welcoming Gate

We are blessed with chain link fencing in our neighborhood from the 1960’s. Some may not see this as a good thing, but it does save us money from having to buy new fencing. Part of me almost likes the aged “rustiness” that it holds. In my attempt to beautify areas of the fencing, God has helped me out with some beautiful Morning Glory that just happened to be growing near the gate. Morning Glory is known for its heart-shaped leaves and climbing abilities. If you have a fence, shed, barn, or gate, any of these are perfect homes for Morning Glory and a grapevine wreath.



The Morning Glories are welcoming a new day as sunlight spills into the yard.

The great thing about these grapevine wreaths is that they are only about $3 or $4, and you can find them at Michael’s and Walmart. The dried grapevine is practical and durable for being displayed through all seasons. Wreaths are used on front doors to welcome others into our homes, but they can also be used outside on an old gate, like this.

After living in our house for almost eight years, I hadn’t thought of this until this summer. One day I was walking up our driveway and thought ‘a wreath would look great on that gate.’  I attached the wreath with a couple of plastic zip ties.I am all for trying to find inexpensive ways to beautify our home. Maybe this little nugget of inspiration will give you some ideas for creating a welcoming space in or outside of your home on a budget. Blessings! 🙂


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