Corral the Mail

With electronic billing, many of us do not get as much (paper) mail as we used to. This has been such a convenient asset of online banking for many of us that have taken advantage of it. Even so, the mail seems to still trickle into our households leaving a pile of useless ads, flyers, or other unwanted gimmicks in paper form. In my house, it all seems to end up on the kitchen counter. What about you? Where does your junk mail end up? After a while, if you’re not careful, it becomes a messy heap.

To help solve this problem, I found a wire basket with a chalkboard label, conveniently placed on the front, on which I wrote “MAIL”. Simple, but profound, right? 😉


This seemed like a great size basket for the kitchen counter. It can also be hung on the wall (as seen above), but I didn’t really have a free space to hang it.  I opted to place it on the counter, instead, where all the mail ends up anyway. Corral the mail!


Maybe most of us throw out the junk mail immediately, but sometimes there might be a few coupons or other things you might want to save for later. Maybe you need a place to put your bills where you won’t forget about them. I find that once a week or so I’ll look through the basket and get rid of the stuff that we don’t need anymore. This also helps the kids know where to place the mail, although it still seems to end up on the kitchen counter right beside the basket. Haha! 🙂 Why is that? I admit, I have done it, too.

If you like this idea, these chalkboard labels are under a $1.00 at most craft stores. A cheap way to add some cuteness to your basket or container, if you already have one. Overall, this little basket has helped my kitchen counter have less clutter on it, which we all love.


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