Still Summer Day

You had a headache when you went to bed. You only got a couple hours of sleep. The next day you awoke to plumbing problems. You hopped in the car and upon starting you realize the battery had died over night. The lawnmower isn’t working, the AC is blowing warm air. Do you ever have days like these? As a few  of my days began like this this week,  I was gently reminded that things could be A LOT worse.

Sometimes God allows things to break or other trials to come to slow me down. He has a way of almost making time stand still when we are aware of His presence. I am so thankful that He knows what I need. He knows we all need those quiet moments just to “be still and know that He is God,” (Psalm 46:10) to be with Him.

As the day went on, I listened to the quietness and enjoyed the moments He had given me, even though. I sipped my tea, watched my daughter occupy herself with her drawing, chuckled at our lazy dog avoiding the summer heat, and eventually made some awesome chocolate chip cookies together. (Well, not the dog.)  😉 And, of course, we prayed for God’s help.

It was restful and relieving that I couldn’t go out anywhere. We enjoyed being still! As time goes on, make some time to hear that still, small, voice of God, that the Bible speaks of. (1 Kings 19:12) He loves us SOOO much and wants to give us little glimpses of eternity with Him.

On a side note-we had no eggs and found this great eggless chocolate chip cookie recipe. Watch out; these cookies are addicting! They’re a keeper. Click on link below.

By the end of this week, the Lord had answered and helped my husband with fixing most of our broken stuff. Thank you, Jesus! Enjoy your still summer days!

The best EGGLESS chocolate chip cookies



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