Coffee Counter

I have tried many arrangements on my kitchen counter to display coffee pots and coffee accompaniments, but, if you’re counters are like mine, there is only so much room. I’ve tried placing coffee pots within a tray, which looked nice, but turned out to not be very functional. Basically, over time, coffee grounds get everywhere, as we like to grind our coffee beans. It’s easier for mama to clean up the counter than inside of a tray every time we make coffee! I’ve found that keeping it simple makes it easier for everyone.IMG_0720[1]IMG_0727[1] With a few coffee decor signs around the counter, it becomes its own little coffee station. I took off our cupboard doors above this area to have easy access to dishes we use everyday and to create a farmhouse look with what we have. I painted the inside of these particular cupboards white to brighten up our kitchen that doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight. By removing the doors, this gave me the opportunity to display the coffee cups above the coffee/ espresso makers. This makes it so easy for when having company over, as well. We put out the creamer and spoons and let our friends and family feel at home by serving themselves.

Not sure if you have any of these old storage containers lying around, but apparently they’re a 1980’s vintage CD crate or something. I don’t even know how I ended up with two of these, but I did. On each end it reads NATURALS, Natural Pine Cone Products. I found them in my basement one day and thought they could look great on the kitchen counter, while storing the coffee canisters nicely inside.


IMG_0736[1]I picked this coffee chalkboard up years ago at T.J. Maxx. I love to use little chalkboards to change out sayings for certain holidays or gatherings. Pinterest has many “chalkboard” ideas if you’re not sure what to write or draw. Writing a scripture verse on it is a great way to encourage others, too.

The other sign behind the coffee pot was a Jo-Ann Fabrics find. The paper towel holder came from an elderly lady’s yard sale up in NY.

Look around your house to see what you might come up with. I don’t always have money to purchase decorations, but these are the times when the best inspiration can kick in. Don’t be afraid to move some things around and hang up different pictures to see what your idea may look like and how well it will work.  My husband sometimes teases us girls within our family with this quote,”Looking good is always the most important thing!” Haha! NOT! 😉  Within the home, functionality and practicality matter to our everyday living. It’s a bonus when things look nice, too, right?  It’s fun to pay attention to the little details to let your loved ones and guests know that you are thinking of them.

Does anyone want a cup of coffee now?  🙂


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