Earring Organizer

I know I’m not the only one who has fingered through her jewelry box in search of the other missing earring. Flipping, turning, and shoveling through the pairs of mismatched earrings.You get excited because you thought you found it, and then you realize it wasn’t the one. Uh, man! Haha! It can be frustrating, though, especially when you’re in a hurry.

There’s a solution! I love it when I find something I like and can recreate it on a budget, especially when the items are just lying around the house. No trips to the store. Doesn’t that sound good? Plus, it’s fun to use our imaginations and think creatively. My daughter and I looked around our house and found some old frames, chicken wire, an old lace table cloth, and some other odds and ends to create our very own earring organizers. Since taking a few minutes to work on these one day, it has saved us from the annoyance of looking for the “other earring.” It makes me happy! It’s the simple things that make me happy.





Not only do these help eliminate clutter, they can also be a great gift idea for a special friend or family member.  An earring organizer can also serve as a decorative wall hanging. The options are really endless with what frames, materials, and colors one decides to use. You can use a staple or glue gun to attach the material to the backside of the frame. The chicken wire was attached by using the little staples that come embedded in the back of the frame itself. We used jute and lace to hang them. For earrings that have posts, my daughter cut a piece of material and took the time to stick all of her little earrings in there. I haven’t been that patient yet, but maybe one day!

I hope this gives you some ideas and makes getting ready for the day a little bit easier.






4 thoughts on “Earring Organizer

  1. Adrianne says:

    Great idea! My hubby just built us a coop and we have extra wire – I’m going to have to pick up some frames and make one of those! Far better than just laying them around on various shelves across our home (yes, that’s my sad, sad method of organization – I need help!)


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