Fourth of July Mantel

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your day. When the Fourth of July comes upon us I realize how little time I’ve actually taken to sit down and think about our country’s freedoms. The sacrifices that have been made to become the nation that we are. Reality hits when I speak with veterans about the tough time they’re having. I, too often, take the awesome freedoms we have for granted. It seems I (we) have become so used to “freedom” that we forget to say a simple “Thank you!”

I thought I’d share with you a July Fourth Mantel to commemorate this special day. This wooden picture usually hangs on my pantry year round. I like to have it up on the wall somewhere in the house to spark my remembrance. Once in a while, in the madness of cooking meals, I’ll glance over to the pantry and see the flag. It seems to slow me down for a moment to think about the reality of what’s going on in the world outside of my house. I like to take it down and put it on display when the 4th comes around. It’s important for us and our kids to be reminded of our liberty.

Take time to say thanks today and remember what this day is really about.


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