Summer mantel

I don’t know about you, but I like my home to feel cozy. A place to get away from the world and its demands and just rest. Maybe you have a quiet place in your home where you like to curl up and have a cup of coffee or tea and read. Maybe you have a favorite picture on your wall or scenery that you like to look at. It could be that you have a favorite candle that you enjoy. Our surroundings can definitely help our homes to feel more comfortable and welcoming to others. It’s the simple pleasures that can add some coziness and delight to our lives.


Our mantel is one of my favorite places that I enjoy in our home. My husband, Greg, made a faux mantel for me a couple of years ago. He followed a design very similar to this : We added our own affordable, decorative look to it. The mantel now gives me the pleasure of adorning it with seasonal decorations, adding more warmth and coziness to our home. I change the garland out seasonally to hide unsightly cords. This particular garland is from Michael’s, in addition to the blue mini-lanterns. The LED lanterns are from Kirkland’s. If you don’t have a mantel you can easily do something like this on a console table or hutch. Shopping your house is a great way to save money and come up with your own creative touches.

The goal, for me, is to give my family a loving, restful atmosphere.



2 thoughts on “Summer mantel

  1. Christy Archer says:

    Love this, Laura! I am a ” word geek” myself and love how you expound on definitions . I particularly found it interesting that a ” keeper of the home” could be related to in a military sense; as we are to guard what takes place in and out of our homes and families lives. Thanks for the Gumbo recipe. It reminds me of my childhood as my mother was a soup lover, especially gumbo with Okra . Have you thought about giving yourself a “pen name” as a ghost writer? keep hammering at that keys! Blessings, Christy


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